Photograph of Matthew Pintar sitting on a rock surrounded by rocks, snow, and mountains with a lake behind him.

Matthew R. Pintar

I am an aquatic ecologist who studies the factors that affect community and population dynamics of freshwater organisms. This work involves habitat selection by aquatic insects and amphibians, long-term dynamics of animal populations, and the biogeography and taxonomy of aquatic insects.

This is a figure illustrating the results of a principal components analysis of traits of several aquatic beetle species and their susceptibility to a predator

My research focuses on the community and population dynamics of freshwater animals, particularly fish and a wide array of invertebrates, including beetles and water bugs.

Images of prey species and their pre-invasion and post-invasion densities in the Everglades, along with their percent changes following swamp eel invasion.

Our paper "Hydrology-mediated ecological function of a large wetland threatened by an invasive predator" has been published in Science of the Total Environment. In this paper, we attribute the near-complete loss of crayfish and some small fish from the Everglades to the invasion of the Asian Swamp Eel (Monopterus albus/javanensis).

This is a ventral photograph of an adult male predaceous diving beetle with a red venter and carrying an air bubble

I provide aquatic insect identification, curation, and collection services. Please contact me for more info.