Aquatic beetle dispersal

AbstractInterannual patterns and drivers of dispersal in aquatic beetlesDispersal is a critical life history component and occurs when certain life history stages are reached or as environmental conditions pass thresholds that cue movement from a patch. Dispersal is often timed to match seasonal changes in resource availability, weather patterns, mate availability, or physiological constraints. Optimal […]

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Aquatic Insect Identification

I am available to provide services related to aquatic insects and macroinvertebrates. I primarily cover insects in eastern and central North America as well as certain taxonomic groups outside of the region. Do not hesitate to contact me via the form below regarding any such requests. Services provided include: Identification Bulk insect samples Voucher specimens

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Pet Water Beetles

Water beetles as pets in the home aquarium If you’ve embarked on a collecting trip in the freshwaters of the world, you’ve likely encountered aquatic beetles. Or perhaps you’ve been so fascinated by the fish you found that the beetles clinging to your net went unnoticed. While often overlooked, beetles and the many other insects

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